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Access your Instagram™ DM in one single click and send your messages directly in browser. This extension is one-stop solution for Instagram™ Direct Messages on your PC without installing any apps.. IGdm provides a custom and convenient style of quoting chat messages within a conversation Save Videos and Images You can save videos and images in the instagram posts that a shared with you in a chat Chat online from any number of accounts and send Mass Direct Messages to your existing followers. Automate the responses by setting aside trigger phrases and shortcuts. OPEN DEMO CHAT. WELCOME MESSAGES TO NEW FOLLOWERS . SPLIT CLIENTS TO CATEGORIES. FILTERED MASS MESSAGING TO FOLLOWERS. 1 WEBCHAT FOR ALL INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS. START NOW TRY DEMO FOR FREE. CATEGORIZE CLIENTS WITH labels. Group out. Make a Fake instagram Chat(dm) and prank your friends by sharing the generated image by our Fake instagram direct message generator . Upload profile picture , write as many chat messages as you like to the Fake instagram chat and astonish your friends. Note: Make the chat like you want then click on Save it button to save your generated instagram chat).After some time two more buttons will. In Instagram, go to your Direct Messages screen. Tap and hold the green + symbol to create a swipe point, a circle with a 1 circumscribed inside it. Drag the swipe point to the first conversation in your DMs. Move the second circle inside the first circle; we are instructing AutoClicker to tap and hold

L'envoi de Direct Messages (Messages Privés) depuis un PC n'est pas autorisé par Instagram à l'heure actuelle. Une façon de contourner cette limitation est d'installer Bluestacks, un émulateur.. Welcome back to Instagram. Sign in to check out what your friends, family & interests have been capturing & sharing around the world Create an account or log in to Instagram - A simple, fun & creative way to capture, edit & share photos, videos & messages with friends & family Download Instagram for Windows app from the Windows app store. Install and run the program on your PC. Click the Direct Message icon to send a private message to someone. To check your messages, click on the arrow icon and head to the conversation section to view the messages Open Direct Messages and tap the add icon in the top-right corner. Select more than 2 people and Instagram will automatically create a group chat. Method 2 Tap the Direct Message icon present below..

InstaDirect provide you sending messages to you followers and friends from your desktop PC. It provides you notifications about new messages in Instagram™ and shows them in different window. Open.. Follow the steps below to send a direct message on your PC: - Download the Instagram app from the Windows App Store, it is free. - Install Instagram on your PC - Run the app and click the icon for the direct message on the top right of your scree Click on the Messaging tab on the left side of the screen Click on the Download button next to the Download Message History A screen will appear that lists all of your classes (in alphabetical order), followed by the names of all parents you've ever exchanged messages with (in alphabetical order by last name) How to fix Instagram Could not Delete Messages: Instagram, as we all know, is one of the emerging social media giants. It is outperforming its competitors such as Snapchat and Twitter at a decent pace. Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly active users and this number alone says it all. By the Facebook acquired Instagram, it has been growing at a much faster rate. Recently, Instagram also.

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Bulk messages and chat on Instagram from any device. Get 100 instagram direct message pc templates + SALES SCRIPTS + SALES FUNNELS FOR FREE Sign up, buy Instagram chat online, and get ready-to-implement communication strategies! Read the Case. Boost your sales by 30% with instagram messages online ! LET'S SEND YOUR FIRST DIRECT MESSAGE. $29. Month / 1 account. Included for 3 months, then. IG:dm est un logiciel permettant de retrouver sur son ordinateur, la messagerie instantanée du service de partage de photo Instagram. Prévu pour vous permettre de continuer sur votre PC. Chat messages are not the most important thing in this world, but sometimes knowing what you said or shared, takes the high priority. And with Facebook adding every feature on Instagram but still making it different will left some stuff out for sure. So, in case you really need your lost DMs, these methods will definitely come in handy. Do remember that as long as you have just deleted the. You can use the filter message to separate your starred and unread message from the basket of other messages. Follow the steps given below to filter the Instagram messages. Step 1: Launch the Instagram account and tap on the Direct Message icon pl.. En outre, Instagram Direct vient de bénéficier d'une mise à jour qui lui permet de fusionner les sections contenant les messages normaux avec les messages éphémères. Et donc de n'en faire plus qu'une seule section unifiée. L'objectif ici étant, selon Instagram, de rendre plus facile la.

The goal of this article is to know more about the subject of how to disable direct messages on Instagram. It was a good day in the Instagram Headquarters when Instagram Direct came around January almost six years ago. With this feature, we were finally able to send and receive direct messages. Nonetheless, first of all, there's another feature some people want to disable. It's very simple. 30 Instagram Direct Message Templates That Convert. You may send messages based on these templates when you need to inform your followers about anything related to your brand, introduce them promotions, or just get in touch with them. We will briefly mention when and to whom you need to send this or that template. So let's say we run a company called A&A and kick off our sales campaign. Instagram Direct Messages (DMs) Not Working! Direct messages can go wrong in a number of weird ways. You might find that you are unable to start a new message thread, or that you can't send messages to certain users. Alternatively, you might find the issue is with messages you have received displaying incorrectly; some users seem to get them.

The problem may have been caused by an update, either done by Instagram or your device provider, which is preventing the information from sending correctly, or stopping it displaying. It might also be a glitch on your app, or could be the result of a user blocking you, causing previous direct messages to display strangely ★★★★★ This App is exclusive for Messaging/Chat/DM on Instagram without distractions Access to Instagram™ Direct Message DM just like you where in your smartphone No more need to use your smartphone to chat your friends or share some photos. Very Low CPU/RAM/Bandwidth consumption You can also send Emojis take window screenshots or navigate in Incognito Mode so that other users don't. Open the Instagram app, then with your account (that you want to recover the chat from) Navigate to your profile and tap on the top right corner, then go to Settings Now select Security then under Data and History, select Download Data Type in your email address (you can use any email) to receive the deleted chat dat How to Recover Deleted Instagram Direct Messages Manually 1) Go to Instagram.com. Login to Instagram web version with your account information. 2) Go to your profile by clicking the account settings icon at the upper-right corner. 3) Click the gear icon then click and select Privacy & Security Messages from accounts you do not follow end up in a different inbox inside Direct Messages called message requests Message requests can be found inside Direct Messages in the top right corner inside your DMs. If you have any message requests, you can go to the message and select between Accept, Delete, or Block

The messaging service for Instagram is called Instagram Direct. How to Recover Deleted Instagram Messages So, if you have deleted your messages from this social media platform, then there are chances that you might have to use third-party forums to recover them Instagram realized that a pain point with the app was that there was no way to save Instagram Direct Message videos that had been sent to you through Instagram Direct Message, and the only way to save a photo on Instagram Direct Message was to screenshot the photo from inside the conversation, resulting in low-resolution photos

In the present times, Instagram is one of the popular photo-sharing apps, has more than 700 million users all over the world. Also, you can send photos, videos or just plain text messages to anyone by Instagram Direct Messages. If you delete them impetuously. And now, you want to retrieve them To see if the direct message problem is due to the device or it's a software-related issue, try logging into Instagram account using another device or web-based Instagram (a.k.a. webstagram). If the DM worked in the new device or on the web browser, then something is wrong with the phone

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Instagram is internally testing a web version of Instagram Direct messaging that lets people chat without the app. If, or more likely, when this rolls out publicly, users on a desktop or laptop PC.. This is a simple way to recover Instagram Direct messages, using Instagram Message Recovery developed by a former employee. Browse the Instagram Message Recovery site, and enter your Instagram username. After logging into your Instagram, click Recover Messages. Complete the Human verification and then you can recover the deleted messages back on Instagram. Part 2. How to Recover Deleted. Web direct. You can see all your messages in web browser, no need in prox Make a Fake Instagram Chat(DM) and Prank Your Friends by Sharing the Generated Image by Our Fake Instagram Direct Message Generato InstaMessage-Instagram Chat est un outil de messagerie qui te permet de communiquer en privé avec tes amis, connaissances et contacts sur le réseau social de publication de photos, Instagram. L'application ne te demande pas de t'enregistrer puisqu'il utilise directement ton compte Instagram pour fonctionner. Une fois l'application installée, tu peux parler en privé avec n'importe quel.

Delete: If the user has deleted the chat, the message is still saved on someone else's Instagram. Therefore, the user can ask the other person to send screenshots of the messages. Unsend: Once the user unsend the message, he/she cannot recover the message. The message will be removed from the Instagram user's chat. 3 Workable Ways to Restore Deleted Instagram Direct Messages. Part 1. télécharger instamessage - instagram chat android, instamessage - instagram chat android, instamessage - instagram chat android télécharger gratui How it works: the application itself looks like a chat in Direct Instagram. You can edit both sides of the dialog, both your own messages and those of your imaginary interlocutor. In the settings of the dialog you specify the nickname in Instagram of the desired person, photo of his profile and all that! Each message can be edited separately: sending time, reading status, message text itself

Instagram is overhauling its direct messaging feature, adding the ability to send disappearing videos and photos in group and individual messages in a bid to capture more of the ephemeral. • Shoot and share fun messages faster than ever before. • Your Instagram friends are instantly added. • Exclusive face filters, Boomerang and Instagram creative tools. • Remix your friends' pics If you're done with Instagram and are pondering closing your account permanently, it's probably a good idea to request a link to a downloadable ZIP file with your photos, comments, Stories, likes, profile information, messages, and more. Here's how to download Instagram account data What's up with the new direct message text bubble color? Is it just me or has Instagram always had this text bubble color of blue? I know we had a recent update which features the fact checker so I'm imagining this came along with it but I'm confused as to why my messages now send with this blue background color and if I am able to change that

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With InstaMessage - Instagram Chat you'll be able to do all of that and more! This app is designed from the ground up to be an improvement over Instagram's original chat system. You'll be able to add text, video, and even voice to your messages with a single click DM sur Instagram veut dire Direct Message. C'est-à-dire, c'est le service de messagerie direct et privé de l'application. Il permet d'envoyer des messages à une ou plusieurs personnes et inclure les éléments suivants : Photos et vidéos de la bibliothèque de l'utilisateur. Publications de l'onglet.. Funsta is a fake Instagram chat app that looks exactly like the real deal. It allows you to create fake conversations you can then share with your friends. The app is easy to use and will enable you to customize every little detail on the screen to make it feel more realistic. You will undoubtedly be able to prank friends and family. The app allows you to add fake posts and comments, create. Buy DM Pilot — Instagram Chat Bot, Web Direct Messenger & Scheduled Posts by elnurxf on CodeCanyon. DM Pilot — Most wanted SaaS automation tool for Instagram Direct Message. ATTENTION! If you want to charge your cust..

Sending a Poll Through Instagram Direct Messages. Instagram polls are a fantastic way of collecting opinions from your audience. To send an exclusive poll to another Instagram account, select a username, group name, or create a new group chat on the Instagram messenger, and hit the camera icon Instagram Direct Message Recovery - Retrieve Deleted Instagram Messages Online/Offline. Many people know Instagram, one popular photo sharing app on iPhone. But for Instagram Direct, maybe we don't be familiar with it. Actually, Instagram is for photos sharing while Instagram Direct is for messages sending. On Instagram Direct, you can send crazy and private messages, and then you delete them. Instagram automatization that works for you. Manage up to 20 Instagram account at once. You can plan Instagram posts and stories for multiple profiles via the all-in-one dashboard or Chat online from any number of accounts and send Mass Direct Messages to your existing follower or a warm welcome to your new followers

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  1. Instagram DM Direct Message. Chat with your Instagram friends. Send emojis, likes, hearts, pictures from Instagram desktop Chrome ★★★★★ This App is exclusive for Messaging/Chat/DM on Instagram without distractions
  2. Direct, la nouvelle application de messagerie d'Instagram Thomas Coëffé / Publié le 7 décembre 2017 à 18h43 Facebook et Messenger étaient autrefois réunis au sein d'une seule et même.
  3. Deleting the Instagram chat and the Direct message is relatively easy once you've done it, and of course that applies to both the Android and iOS versions. Launch the Instagram app on your smartphone and tap the arrow in the top right corner to open Instagram Direct. Now you get a list with all chat history including messages displayed, on the iPhone you can now simply swipe left and tap on.
  4. Once in a direct message, which could be with just one person or a group chat of up to four users, tap the video camera icon in the top right, not the regular camera icon you use for taking disappearing photos and videos. After tapping it, a video call will be automatically started in the thread. You may need to give Instagram permission to use your camera and microphone if you have not done.

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  1. Click to Direct Messages. Open or Close DM notifications. And you did it! If you wish, you can also edit different notification settings in this section. You can set your notification preferences for video chats or message requests. You can change these settings later. How to Send Messages on Instagram? If you want to send a message from Instagram to someone on your followers' list or who.
  2. There is no direct way to scroll quickly to the top in Instagram Direct Messages (DMs). Fortunately, you can read your Instagram messages right from the start. For that, you will need to download.
  3. Disabling the Receive Direct Messages from anyone setting does not stop accounts from messaging you whom you have previously had conversations with and do not follow. To stop receiving Direct Messages from someone: Locate the conversation from the account, and click or tap to open it. Click or tap the information icon Select Report. Confirm your choice. The account will not be able to send you.
  4. InstaFake (Direct Message) Tiawy Studios Réseaux sociaux. Tout public. 8 122. Contient des annonces. Ajouter à la liste de souhaits. Installer. Vous pouvez surprendre vos amis en établissant des fausses images d'écran de conversation avec InstaFake! Propriétés en vedette: - Vous pouvez créer une conversation avec qui vous voulez . - C'est vous qui contrôlez les deux parties de la.
  5. g Experience with Pokémon Go Creators Amongst the multiple notorious messaging apps, Kik Messenger is the [] Top Chinese Portal Websites Listed.
  6. We love to Explain How to Use Instagram Direct Message on PC or Mac. Instagram is a widely growing social network which allows millions of people to engage in it as a mean of entertainment and many more. It provides a lot of amazing benefits to its users. It is widely used as a mean of entertainment where you can upload photographs and maintain your own feed. The majority of users utilize the.

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  1. Les utilisateurs d'Instagram, en particulier ceux ayant des comptes professionnels tels que des spécialistes du marketing et des propriétaires d'entreprise, ont particulièrement tendance à utiliser la messagerie directe Instagram sur leur PC ou le..
  2. Instagram is finally bringing direct messages to the web. Starting today, a small percentage of the platform's global users will be able to access their DMs from Instagram's website.
  3. This feature is also known as an instagram direct message is very similar to the facebook messenger. Instagram also allows you to delete messages as well. But the problem starts when you accidentally delete or lose instagram message. And now you regret especially when you don't know how to recover deleted instagram messages on iphone or android
  4. Fix loading old messages Download Links v3.7 Windows Installer Windows Portable Mac Linux ChromeOs v3.6 - 17/04/2019 Night Mode. Multiple accounts. Remove conversation Unsend messages. Download Links v3.6 Windows Installer Windows Portable Mac Linux ChromeOs v3.5 - 31/01/2019 Performance.

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  1. Malicious people can somehow take over your account and you don't want anyone to access your private chat history in the Instagram direct messages section. In addition, other applications are often used for chatting. Instagram direct messages are often used to share private photos in the form of an Instagram story. Since the photos you send are always stored in your library, deleting your.
  2. Pour envoyer un message avec Instagram Direct : Appuyez sur en haut à droite ou faites glisser l'écran vers la gauche, n'importe où dans le fil. Appuyez sur en haut à droite. Sélectionnez les personnes auxquelles vous souhaitez envoyer un message, puis appuyez sur Discussion
  3. Way 1: Recover Instagram Direct Messages Online with Instagram Message Recovery. The Instagram Message Recovery is said to be developed by a former Instagram employee, which is allowing you to recover deleted Instagram messages online. You should enter your username or profile URL on the Instagram Message Recovery online website. Here are the steps to recover deleted or lost Instagram direct.
  4. Instagram Direct Messages. Engage with Potential Customers and Drive More Sales on Autopilot. Start Your Free 3-Day Trial. How It Works. Write Message . Write down your message and create various templates. Enrich DM. Include a photo, post, and clickable link in your DM. Run the Campaign. Choose the recipients' demographics and run your campaign. Create Various Campaigns Based on the Message.
  5. Open the Instagram app and in the story tray at the top, tap on the Story avatar of the person/account whose story you want to view as usual. 2. When you open the story, you can either tap on the Send message box or swipe up from anywhere in the screen. 3
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To initiate a chat you start by tapping the plus button at the top right corner of the page. You will then presented with 2 choices, you can either share a photo or a video (like the old Instagram Direct), or just send a message. Select ' Send Message' to go to the compose page where you can choose whom you want to have a conversation with Answer: Similar to other social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc, Instagram also added a new feature called 'Activity Status' in the Direct Message section. Using this feature, you can see when your friend was last time online or their current status

Utiliser Instagram sur un ordinateur n'est possible que depuis peu de temps. Auparavant, le réseau social n'était disponible que via l'application dédiée. Mais ça, c'était avant ! À. Today we're making it easier to connect with friends on Instagram by showing you when they're available to chat. When your friends are active on Instagram, you'll see a green dot next to their profile picture in various spaces within the app, including the Direct inbox and your friend list when you share a post from feed Engineers are working to rebuild Instagram's chat feature using Facebook Messenger's technology, according to people familiar with the matter. That will make it possible for Instagram users to. Instagram DM stands for Instagram Direct messages which are the messages users can send to desired accounts, privately (or in a group of 50 people). It means that only users and the Instagram messages receivers would be able to see the messages online or from the Instagram app and no one else A desktop application for Instagram direct messages. Download for Windows, Mac and Linu


Instagram will finally let you chat from your web browser, but the launch contradicts Facebook's plan for end-to-end encryption in all its messaging apps. Today Instagram began testing Direct. So here's how to find out if you've had any messages from people you're not connected with on Instagram: Click the 'inbox' folder icon on the top right hand corner of the app's homepage. That's why we created a bot named Auto DM as known as Auto Direct Message bot for Instagram. This tool is configured in a few minutes and will save much of your daily time! How to setup the Auto Direct Message bot: Visit the Auto Direct Message Tab in our Panel on the left sid

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  1. Generate your very own fake Twitter Messanger Chat and prank your friends. You can change ANYTHING, use emoticons and even transfer your own profile photographs. This generator is not the slightest bit related with Twitter. All graphical material is ensured by the copyright proprietor. May just be utilized for individual use
  2. Problème message Instagram depuis mon Iphone; Impossible d'envoyer un message privé a un contact sur Instagram; Problèmes messages direct Instagram; Empêcher quelqu'un de m'envoyer messages. Échec de l'envoi du message
  3. U sing Instagram Direct Messages feature you can have chat with other Instagram users. Whenever you send direct message to anyone on Instagram then you would definitely like to know, whether it is read by the recipient or not. Am I right? Like on other social networking sites or apps, you can know the same
  4. HOW TO MANAGE INSTAGRAM DIRECT MESSAGES . Managing Instagram direct messages can sometimes feel like a full-time job in itself, especially if you happen to be a one-person band! Don't worry, today we're going to take the stress away from your Instagram direct messages by teaching you some of our best secrets for managing them like a pro
  5. To see messages you've sent with Instagram Direct, tap in the top right of feed. From there, you can manage the messages you've sent and received. When you send a post from feed using Instagram Direct, it'll only visible to people who can already see it. For example, if you send a post from a private account as a message, only people who follow that account will be able to see it. Photos or.
  6. For starters, start the Instagram app on your PC, log in to your account (if required), click on the airplane icon located at the top right and, in the Direct screen, select the conversation in which there are the messages you want to delete

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Package: com.instagram.direct 59,618 downloads . 32.24 MB (33,802,181 bytes) Min: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API 16) Target: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API 23) 280, 360, 400, 420, 480, 560, 640dpi . MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256 signatures. Uploaded December 7, 2017 at 5:57PM UTC by Alex193a. Advertisement. Verified safe to install (read more) Download APK There's a more recent version available below. Direct Message Spy Tool. Spying Has Never Been Easier! Please choose one of the following platforms and then enter their username in order to view their DM's. Select A Platform. Facebook. Twitter. Snapchat. Instagram. Chatroom (Online) Enter your Chat Username. Save Send ERROR. x. Please complete all required fields. Direct Message Spy Tool. Spying Has Never Been Easier! Please choose one of. Instagram Direct Messages not Working - How to Fix it. The final thing to do to get your Instagram DM's working again is to clear the Instagram cache. Most of the time when direct messages aren't working it's because there is a bug with the temporary data that Instagram has stored on your device. Clearing this should fix the issue. Here's how to do it: For iOS. Go to your iPhone. 3. Send DM To Group Of Persons On Instagram Via Direct Tab. The last and not the least method to sending a direct message (DM) on Instagram, is via the conversation page. This is also known as the direct messages tab. Using this method, you can send a message to a group of people. This is particularly useful in cases where you want to send a. It might have happened to you that you want to revive the past memories with a person on Instagram, and you read your chats. On Instagram, if you want to see old DMs, you need to spend many hours to scroll down your inbox. It seems frustrating, and nobody would like that. So, how to see old direct messages on the desktop without scrolling? How to See Old Direct Messages on Instagram on Mobile.

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Instagram, it's worth noting, also already has a 'quick reactions' emoji response process for Stories. It also makes some sense in terms of Facebook's broader vision of a fully-integrated messaging back-end , where users will be able to message each other across platforms Rendez-vous sur Instagram. Connectez-vous à Instagram sur votre navigateur. Si vous êtes connecté à votre compte, vous verrez votre fil d'actualités. Si vous n'êtes pas connecté à Instagram, cliquez sur le lien Connexion en bas à droite de la page puis entrez votre nom d'utilisateur Instagram (ou votre numéro de téléphone/adresse email) et votre mot de passe Instagram has said it has no plans to let users upload photos or stories from the desktop. Direct messages coming to the web would be a huge step forward for the previously mobile-only app

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Instagram, the social media giant, gives you the ability to send direct messages, or a 'DM,' to people you associate with Instagram Direct. Instagram Direct doesn't need to be downloaded or installed; it's integrated into Instagram already. But, did you know you could 'like' a DM you've received from someone? It's not a feature that [ Here's a quick video showing you 4 ways to send a direct message on Instagram. If your business doesn't have an Instagram account, then it's time to get one! Instagram may have started off as a heavy consumer platform, but it has quickly transformed itself into one of the most effective ways to create strong and durable B2C relationships. Instagram itself reports that more than 80% of.

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Steps to follow for direct message recovery from iPhone. Method 5: Recover deleted Instagram Direct Messages on Android (Recommended) For Android users, Android Data Recovery is one of the reliable solutions that helps you to get back lost Instagram messages or chats on Android phones. It's the most suggested tool for Android users whenever any kind of data loss happens 1. Dans un premier temps , les notifications push ne fonctionne pas correctement. Sur 50 messages non lus seul 20 maximum apparaissent dans la bulle en haut à droite de la page principale Instagram et sur mon écran d'accueil De l'iPhone. Je suis donc obligée de supprimer constamment mes discussions en cours pour que le mes Insta Directs.

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In addition, you can send text and voice messages. InstaMessage-Instagram Chat is an incredibly interesting instant messaging tool, thanks to which, we can widen our circle of friends to include all the awesome people who post their photos in Instagram. Requirements. Requires Android 2.2 or greater. Technical information License. Displayed marked red messages are the erased Direct Instagram messages on the iPhone device, while the black ones are still on hand iPhone message files. Step 3: Recovering erased Instagram messages. Subsequent to checking such messages, choose the messages that you wish to recover, tap on 'Recover' for restoring the erased Instagram messages via the iPhone device to the PC in CSV or HTML.

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Instagram: Why your Direct Message isn't getting a reply (and how to change that) The magic of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook is that the people who you choose to follow often aren't celebrities, they're just normal people you have something in common with who are sharing parts of their lives. Maybe you like their photography style, or their careers, or the way they use certain words. How to Recover Lost Instagram Direct Messages on Android. Steps of Recover Android Instagram Direct Message The first step is to download the android version of Android Data Recovery on your PC. Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download Get Free Trial via Email for Later Download on Computer. Enter your Email Address, We will send you the download links of our products.Note:Our. This new feature is called the Chat feature in your Instagram Story. It is the same as creating a Group Chat in your Direct Messages (DMs). The only difference is that you can start a chat directly with people who are watching your Insta Stories. To give you a brief idea, here is how it works: Add a Chat sticker in your Insta Stor Qu'est-ce qu'un message direct (DM) Instagram ? Direct Message ou Message Privé, aussi connu simplement sous le nom DM, est une option Instagram qui vous permet d'envoyer des messages privés à un certain utilisateur Instagram ou à un groupe d'utilisateurs Instagram. Non seulement vous pouvez envoyer des chats privés, mais vous pouvez aussi utiliser DM pour envoyer des photos et.

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